Coming Home

November 14th, 2008

I haven’t written for some time, partly because there were a lot of things to sort out and to think through and on the other hand because I didn’t have any internet access. My last days here were a bit miserable, mainly because the Wwoofing went quite horribly, but also because I found it very hard to decide what I want to do. So, I try to tell you about it chronologically.

First the jobsearch didn’t went very well. There were two Horse-stables left, to whom I had applied and waited for an answer. 1) One in Mount Cook that seemed very tempting as they wanted me not only to be a trekking-guide, but also to train the horses and manage the whole business by myself. But as it turned out they expected me to work 7 days a week and couldn’t promise me any fixed days off. They said if the weather would be bad and there were no customers, I’d have the day off, but that would only be decided on the morning of each day. I already found that quite hard as we have summer in NZ and the weather is constantly getting better and better, but also they wanted me to commit to the job until the 10th of april and I hadn’t even planned to stay so long any more. So in the end I turned them down.

2) the second one was the famous Lord of the ring stable I had already written about. After my trial day they didn’t contact me, so I wrote them an Email. They told me they were still interviewing about 40 people (it’s certainly a popular job) and after that they wanted the best to come back to meet their boss, who had been on vacancy the last weeks. I was a bit surprised and asked, why they had invited people for trial days then if they were actually not able to decide without their boss. And they said, their boss was too busy to see all people, he would only see the best ones.        I found that quite unfair,  we all travel to that stable and then we have to come again one month later for another trial day? I mean it’s only about a job that will last about 2-3 months, so that’s a bit of an effort. When I had a look, I saw it would cost me about 170 Dollars (almost 100 Euro) to travel to Glenorchy again and even then it wouldn’t be sure they’d hire me. Eventually when I got the invitation to the next round, I decided it was too much effort and money for a slight chance.

So, I decided I’d spend my time with Wwoofing, that’s mainly why I went to the Connemara-stud last Monday. It only took me three days to figure out, that you can have very bad luck with this and loads of people will just abuse you as a cheap worker. Instead of the promised 4 hours per day I worked 8 hours every day and they couldn’t even bother to say thank you. Plus: My accommodation was just terrible. It was a dirty shed without electricity or running water 15 minutes away from the main house, so practically just nowhere and the toilet was a dirty, stinky container a short walk from the house. So on my third evening I decided I’d leave them and when I told them so, they weren’t even surprised, I guess I wasn’t the first to do that. Only the children were really sad and as I liked them a lot, that was the only point I was sorry about too. The family was used to having wwoofers all the time, they even told me they’d had some Germans to springclean their house, which is really not what wwoofing is about. So in the end it’s the same problem as being an au-pair, it’s just another program, very inviting to abuse young people as cheap helpers. Of course you can also be very lucky and have a great time, but I really didn’t and was absolutely relieved to be back in Christchurch in a hostel after that. Working eight hours a day without getting paid and only for staying in a dirty shed is just definitley not worth it.

I had to find out now what I was going to do as I couldn’t afford staying in a hostel forever.So, in the end, I decided to do, what I have been thinking about for days: to fly back home. It’s been 8 months now and I have seen the whole country, my money is not going to become more without working and I don’t want to start in a cafe or something like that. I had three month of that in Auckland. When I booked my flight, I realized once again how much I miss you all and how much I miss my hometown (even in grey winter-weather). Moreover I feel have to start with my “serious” application time, it might take some time to find a nice “Voluntariat”.

So next tuesday, on the 18th of november I’ll be back and I really almost can’t wait!

Thank you so much for participating quite a lot on my blog!!! I had a great time writing in here and hope you’ve enjoyed taking part on my journey. I can’t wait to see all of you face-to-face again!

See you soon, Anna


Frerk: Es tut mir so leid, dass ihr den Blog so spaet gefunden habt, ich dachte, meine Eltern haetten Euch die Adresse schon laengst gegeben. Ich freue mich nun doch Weihnachten zuhause verbringen zu koennen! Eine Postkaqrte ist auf dem Weg zu Euch.

Katha: Viel Spass hier noch. Ja, in Neuseeland hat es selbstverstaendlich auch einen Regierungswechsel gegeben, jedoch einen von links zu rechts und Helen Clark ist nach etwa 10 Jahren als Premierministerin abgeloest worden!


last part together: Abel Tasman – Kaikoura

November 9th, 2008

Abel Tasman walk near Bark Bay Abel Tasman walk swinging bridge View on Anchorage Bay Anchorage Bay
Cheeky sea-gull Island at Abel Tasman Abel Tasman walk Picnic im Abel Tasman Park last part of the walk at low tide
close to Farewell spit seals at Kaikoura seals seals  

My first Wwoofing

November 6th, 2008

Hello, news again,

after Burk is leaving, I’m not going to work as a priests hairdresser in NZ, but will start working in Lyttelton, a small harbour-village next to Christchurch on a Connemarapony-stud as a Wwwoofer. For everyone who doesn’t know the concept of wwoofing: it means working between 4-6 hours daily in exchange for food and accommodation. Work should be mainly about animals and organic farming and the whole concept is supposed to be an cultural exchange too. Hence I’m going to live with a big kiwi-family (I think parents, 4 kids and 2 other wwoofer), living in a cabin (without any electricity) next to their house, where I’m going to use their facilities including internet :) Work will be 4 hours daily.

At the moment we agreed on me wwoofing there a week, but if I really like it I may stay longer. Up to now it sounds very nice, as they have pregnant mares that will give birth to their foals in the next weeks, horses for me to ride and youngsters that need to be socialised with humans. I’ve never worked around breeding horses and think it will certainly be an interesting experience.

Burk and I are at Picton at the moment, meeting up with one of his uni friends from HH and his girlfriend tonight and enjoying the rest of our time together.

Kisses and hugs,Anna

Sabs: Always forgot to say, how great it is you have a cat now. What’s her name? Can’t wait to see her, does she love peoples feet as much as Sunny? :)


November 5th, 2008

Blow Hole (Pancake Rocks) Blow Hole (Pancake Rocks)
like our water taxi

Hair-cuts, a black president and the end of our journey

November 5th, 2008

Hello to Hamburg,

Burk and I have arrived in Nelson and are only 4 days away from the end of our journey, which is sad because I’ll miss him a lot and bad because I don’t really know where to go and what to do then. ;) (Don’t think I’m in a bad mood, I’m mainly mildly curios what will come next) In about 5 days I hope to get an answer from Glenorchy. Thus, I’m looking in some wwoofing-adds at the moment, hoping to find something before starting in Glenorchy or while looking for something else.

We’ve had enjoyable days recently, doing half of the famous Abel-Tasman-Trekk in the north of the South Island, it was absolutely gorgeous to wander around pretty beaches and coves. But the day afterwards I almost couldn’t walk because my body ached so horribly.

Today Burk decided to get his hair cut – people have made comments about it since weeks, such as “Please tell Burk, that there are hair-stylists in New Zealand and Australia” or commenting photos of him with “Jesus”. BUT he wanted ME to cut it (with scissors from a knitting-kit). I told him I’ve never done it before and shouldn’t do it with such bad scissors, but he didn’t wanna listen. Well, in the beginning it looked quite good, but when I cut the hair on his forehead, I couldn’t really manage it. I just wanted it to be even, but now he looks like I put a pot over his head and started cutting afterwards. Now you could title pictures of Burk with ” unser katholischer Glaubensbruder Marcus”. I guess I could make a lot of money by working as a hair-stylist for priests, I think I may have the rare gift of making people look HOLY. Actually this could even be a “Marktluecke”, I could cut the hair of criminals before their trials, so they’d look innocent and holy, or for CIA-agents………. So, you’ll see loads of ideas for my business-career once I’m back in good ol’ Germany. Life never gets boring! And everything is possible, as we can see today in The States, having elected a black man for president. It almost seems to be too good to be true, not only because he’s black (which is a big step in history), but because he seems to have really good ideas, and is not only focused on making a plan where to send the US-military next like his predecessor seemed to be. But, okay I’ll stop myself here before getting into politics too much. I just had to mention it, because in NZ you experience the US-election quite close, almost as if it’s their own one and the result of the election makes me quite happy.

Hugs to all of you from sunny NZ,


Looking for a job

November 1st, 2008

Hello to Hamburg,

After a long time in Queenstown, we’re heading north again, in the direction of Nelson etc. Today we passed the glaciers Franz Josef and Mount Fox.

We spend so much time around Queenstown because of my job-searching. I had two trial-days in stables of the area and one I really enjoyed and hope that’s going to be my job until the end of february, but of course tons of people have applied and I won’t know for another week what the owners have decided. It’s a stable in tiny Glenorchy with more than 50 horses and they are looking for horsetrekking-guides, but the really special thing is, that they are doing the official Lord of the ring rides, which means they do 2h trekks to 4 or 5 different settings of the movie, including Lothlorien, Isengard and Amon Hen. On my trial day I did it for free, because they wanted to see me riding and interfering with staff and clients, so even if I don’t get the position I had a great day over there. Unfortunately I had quite bad luck with the customers, some horrible girls from Canada, but besides that I think the staff there liked my riding and how fast I was able to prepare all the horses for the trekks. So, we’ll see. I also spend one afternoon at a stable in Dunedin, where the owner offered me a position as a trekking-guide too and I could have it immediately, but turned it down as it was just too complicated: I would have had to get a room in Dunedin (a place I don’t really like), buy a car (a bit much for only 4 months) and a second job because they weren’t busy enough to have me working there everyday + I had to get trained without getting paid. I decided that in the end I’d probably spend more money on the job than earning there…

So, probably if I don’t get the Glenorchy job, I’ll come home earlier (january), which wouldn’t be the worst either as I really miss home, 7months away is a long time and Burk and I have now seen literally everything here, so I’d only stay for working and obviously (especially with the NZ-Dollar loosing value every day) in Germany I’d earn twice of what I could earn here. Normally for working-holiday-jobs you earn 4,50 Euro per hour!!! And I’m so fed up with kittchenjobs, so the job has to be really worth the little salary. Probably you don’t know about it being so far away, but NZ is already in a bad recession and the currency suffers a lot, so money here looses it’s value compared to the Euro. Good news for you Passi, everything will be quite cheap for you here!

Burk is leaving in 8 days and I already dread it, argh ;) But we’re enjoying our last days and I’m already looking forward to having Passi here.

Hugs, Anna


Christchurch to Queenstown Pics

October 25th, 2008

The Petersen Clan is everywhere Christchurch Church Pretty Christchurch a naughty Petersen ;) A Petersen in front of Lyttelton Harbour
A Fliegner in front of Lyttelton Harbour It belongs to Burk Lake Tekapo Lake Tekapo II Lake Tekapo III
Church at Lake Tekapo Lake Alexandrina Lake Tekapo viewed from Mount John Observatory on Mount John
again, but with a different person Us in front of Lake Alexandrina Lake Pukaki View to Ben Ohau Range Mount Cook in the distance
Mount Cook Two cute germans in front of Mount Cook(ie) same Mount Sefton again
Tasman glacier ice Oh my god, it's an ice-burk Tasman glacier Mount Cook -''-
view to tasman river valley again seal in the Catlins it's spring! nugget point
there they are again you wouldn't think so, but it's just a simple rock ;) hostel board view from our sleeping room in the Catlins our cat-hosts
philosophical Lilly roaring Moby Te Anau Mirror Lakes Lake Gunn
scary tunnel Milford Sound Milford Sound Milford Sound Milford Sound
up  to 300m deep really amazing rock formations seals lazy boys lazy girls
sterling falls an anonymous waterfall an anonymous man...or a sack? Mitre Peak Fjordlands
Two not so anonymous people That's him, after he had thrown the girl in the canyon A Kea, an alpine clown A Kea, an alpine clown A Kea
the clear water of lake Wakatipu Lake Wakatipu Anna, trying to flip a stone over the water
still trying pretty road to Queenstown Jesus view from Bob's Peak Queenstown Bay
Bungi hostel cat our boat on the Milford Cruise sterling falls little closer under the sterling falls really clear water in lake Wakatipu (@vaci no panic i haven't taken the pic with your cam...)
sundown in Queenstown        

From Dunedin to Queenstown

October 25th, 2008

Nugget Point in the Catlins McKenzie Country Lake Te Anau Fjordlands Milford Sound
On our Milford Cruise Fjordland, next to Te Anau Queenstown Burk and I at Queenstown's lake  the same lake
walking up a mountain at Queenstown Mitre Peak in Milford Sound Sunset on The Remarkables (Queenstown) Mirror lakes Sterling falls at Milford

From Te Anau to Queenstown

October 25th, 2008

Heyho to Hamburg,

Burk and I have arrived in busy Queeenstown, a town, that with all it’s surroundings and buildings could also be located somewhere in Austria. In winter it’s a popular ski area and in summer it’s crowded with adventureous thrill-seekers, like bungy-jumpers. Here I had my first “interview” and test-ride for a trekking guide position, and though I haven’t got an answer yet, I’m not even sure I want to do it, the horses seemed to be very old and tired and indeed lots of them were around 25 (seniors)! Luckily I’ll have a trial day at another stable in Glenorchy next week, which makes us stay in the area, but could be a lot better than the other one (just judging by the brochure). We’ll see…

Recently we did our Milford Sound Cruise, which was wonderful, watch the pics. We had good weather and happened to see some seals quite close + we drove with our boat into a waterfall!

On the way back we stopped at a parking lot and had lunch when we saw our first Kea. They are alpine birds and famous for being clowns. In recent years they became very tame, almost cheeky and they love entertaining tourists as well as destroying their belongings and eating their food. Burk started to take some pics, when suddenly the bird realized I had a Muesli bar in my hand and I at the same time realized that the bird had seen it. So we started moving at the same time, I fled behind our car and the bird ran to the position where I had stood before. Then I just managed to jump into the car, before he could get me, as you’ll see their beaks are quite sharp and enormous. Some other tourists having lunch in their car saw the whole scene between me and the bird, and of course they thought it was very funny, Burk thought so too….

Not much more to tell at the moment, but there are loads of new photos,

kisses, Anna and Burk


October 21st, 2008

Flinders Street in Melbourne We whad a great view from the top of this tower
Trav and I in the botanical garden Crazy Melbournian and crazy Hamburger
Cute Burk in a pub
Craig, me and Travers
Me in the lunapark Burk and his british friend and our host Renny Travers and I in St. Kilda